Golden Gate Park (7/5/2022)

Today I braved the weirdly humid weather for a visit to my backyard. I planned to do the Greatest Hits, but I didn’t quite make it to the Lily Pond this time. Just Stow Lake (North), Pioneer Trail, and Owl Nursery.

I REALLY thought I’d have time for a full post tonight. NOPE. I spent too long with the BARN OWL. That’s right.

So all I have time for is the highlights: seeing Mallard ducklings for the first time this year, spotting a newtome wasp, ripe Cherry-plum fruit, a Hutton’s Vireo that chirped sweetly just above me, a couple Pacific Wrens off the Pioneer Trail, watching Junior just sit and take A TON of Steller’s Jays squawking at her til they all left, AND staying out late at the Barn Owl box and getting rewarded for doing so. GHO owl pics below for the owl fans.

Okokok, so I went out just before 9pmish to stand and watch for the Barn Owl. At 9:05pm, one flew out from behind the trees where the Barn Owl box is. It flew overhead, did a circle, then swooped into a tree in front of me and JUST DISAPPEARED. I mean it had to cross into another dimension because it JUST VANISHED. Soon saw it fly out from there. Walked around the corner and saw it perched on a tree nub. It soon flew off into the darkness. They’re on the shy side, compared to Great Horned Owls.

BUT. My suspicion was CORRECT! And, I realized what a fool I was thinking I’d see an adult fly out from that box. They don’t nest with their owlets! FOOLISH.

So, there. I now know where a Barn Owl can be found in GGPark! I just leveled up, folks!!

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