The Presidio and a tiny bit of the Fort Mason Community Garden (7/6/2022)

Today I actually went Naturing as part of some re-con I’m doing for my internship. So, I technically got paid to GO NATURING. That’s right, folks. I visited MacArthur Meadow, the Barnard Avenue owl nursery, El Polin Spring, the Butterfly Corridor, Quartermaster Reach Marsh, and Crissy Lagoon. Oh, and a couple of the first photos are from the Fort Mason Community Garden, where I spent a tiny bit of time birding before starting my day.

I am finding that Summer is truly characterized by juveniles. I see it over and over again! So, that’s the theme of my two primary photos. Apologies for making both of birds. Variety is nice, I know.

And, once more, I only have time for the highlights. Finding time to do full-on posts just doesn’t seem very possible! But, most folks just want the photos, so you got it!

Highlights include seeing the shape of a Northern Mockingbird bill via a lucky shot I got of it, watching a Violet-green Swallow juvenile begging for food from its parent in mid-flight, getting a private tour of the hidden pond by the Wildlife Ecologist at Presidio Trust (!), watching the American White Pelicans feed effortlessly at Crissy Lagoon, laughing at a Caspian Tern juvenile throw a tantrum then pathetically not succeed at a fish transfer from its parent, seeing Brown Pelicans bathe in Crissy Lagoon that looked like they just pounded their wings onto the surface for fun, and spotting a baby Killdeer with its parent. OMG SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE!

Lowlights include only finding one Great Horned Owl at the nursery. Oh, and the miserable humid weather that will not quit!

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