Golden Gate Park (7/4/2022)

Today I went out to see the Coyote pups that Ren told me were on an island (!!!) at North Lake. I also had work to do for The Book over there. And, I had a good deal of time, so I also planned to visit Middle Lake.

But, it’s LATE. I saw A LOT. I don’t have time to do a full post of my adventures. I will say that I did see Coyotes on the North Lake island! Took a look in my binocs at what seemed to be the best window onto it, and instantly a Coyote pup sauntered into then out of my view! Watched the island for a while. It looked like it was dragging a piece of an animal. Maybe a Raccoon? That’s my best guess. Eventually it noticed me watching it, and it trotted off. An adult Coyote came out and followed it. Coyote Den on AN ISLAND. Crazy.

That was the most prominent highlight, as I’ve never seen a Coyote pup before! Thanks, Ren! But, I must also confess that my time in the Chain of Lakes Garden was quite fantastic. It is BONKERS there right now. So many flowers and pollinators! I was admiring some Fringe Cups when the only other person I encountered while there asked me, “What are the Hummingbirds DOING?” I told him it looked like they were fighting for territory. I explained they are very territorial, etc. And he said, “Ah, thanks. You looked like someone who would know.” Hah!

There were so many delightful encounters there that I never made it to Middle Lake. And, because of the hour, I’ll have to let my photos do the talking. Apologies!

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