Golden Gate Park (5/20/2022)

Today I did not go Naturing. I went specifically to see about the Great Horned Owlet of the West that Ren found recently. Had a handful of errands today to prep for my time in the Sierras next week, but one of them was in the Outer Richmond. That happens to be close to the Chain of Lakes. So, I just HAD TO STOP AND VISIT, OK.

Wasn’t finding it to start! I was looking in the trees closest to the Bison Paddock, as that was where I last saw an adult GHO. Not seeing anything, there or in the main pine tree they also like and have used before as a nest tree, I took a look across the street to the South side at the nest tree from last year. They had two owlets there last year.

And, that magical thing happened. My first look through my binocs was right at the owlet! Up pretty high! So, they’re using the same nest tree as last year, neat! It was turning around and preening. And, I couldn’t find a parent owl. Walked to various spots for better sightlines. Got a good one and watched it for a while.

Then, I figured since it’s pretty small that the Ma Owl had to be close-by. Looked AGAIN, and there it was! Above about ten feet or so? Yay! Couldn’t see her face, but she looked down at her owlet to see how it was doing. Still preening. Looked back up at the Ma Owl, and I saw another owl next to it as it re-positioned and showed its tail feathers. Pa Owl! Aw. All together. But, THEN, it moved more, into better view, and it was ANOTHER OWLET! It was doing that kiss/food begging thing (?) with the Ma Owl’s mouth. I was so stoked that there were TWO!

AND, THEN. YET ANOTHER FLIPPIN’ OWLET SHOWED ITSELF!! There were TWO up there with Ma Owl, and one (likely the eldest?) was below. THREE OWLETS, PEOPLE!!! Couple more owl photos below for the owl fans. Apologies for the graininess, but I was far away.

I watched them all for a bit. And, I was so dang happy. It was difficult to contain. I was BEAMING. What a fantastic last visit to GGPark before I’m away for a week. It’s a Good Friday, folks!

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