Black Point Historic Gardens (5/19/2022)

Today I got a bit of outside time while volunteering at Black Point. My last day volunteering until mid-August!

It’s hard to believe, but the place is bursting even more with flowers and grasses than the last time I was there. Flowers, YAY! Grasses, BOO.

Aside from the newtome Speckled Clarkia and newtome Large-flowered Leptosiphon, there were dragonflies! And, even a yellow Swallowtail was enjoying the roses and blooming Artichoke! It’s amazing how there’s always something new there each time I visit.

Today our task was to trim California Poppies. Yeah, cutting native flowers! It was difficult. It felt SO WRONG. But, Natalie assured us it’d help the plants re-grow better. And, the ones we were trimming were not so happy-looking. Also pulled weeds around the area, because I’m so programmed to do so now! Trimmed some of the huge artichoke plants that are quite large now.

So, what’s that jaw bone thing?? Okokok, so I’m pulling some small weeds to clean up the area after our first pass at trimming the poppies. And, I ended up moving a small wood piece to reveal something white underneath. And, THERE IT WAS. A BIG TOOTH! And, a jaw bone with it!!

The strangest thing about it is that it wasn’t buried underneath much. Like, it was just under the surface? And, the area has been weeded and planted and seeded recently. BIZARRE. I thought it was too small to be a Coyote. Maybe Raccoon? Hoping iNat will help me!

After showing everyone my treasure, I pocketed it Need to look up how to clean such a thing…

Didn’t see or hear a Hummingbird today (SO WEIRD), but I saw a White-crowned Sparrow and heard a Northern Mockingbird. Maybe that’s about it? Oh, and a Great Blue Heron flew into one of the tall trees at the North end right as I was leaving.

When three hours was up, I packed up to leave. And, I noticed how much nicer the space was. It’s always the case. Maybe the Bumble Bees were able to more easily see the Phacelia it was so enamored of? Hope so! Also had to stop and smell the roses. I haven’t done that with these yet. It’s faint, but it’s nice!

It was way too warm for my tastes today, but I can’t help but enjoy being out there. It’s odd that I won’t be there as a volunteer for most of the summer. Hoping I get to visit when I’m scheduled to be at Fort Mason for my internship. Looking forward to seeing it continue to evolve. Oh, and my California Flannelbush is doing quite nicely, too. Yay!

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