Bouverie Wildflower Preserve (5/21/2022)

Today we went on a guided walk at a place I’ve been curious about ever since I saw it on a map in Glen Ellen a couple years ago. It’s a private property, and they only allow the public in for a few events. Today, we went to one!

So, no time for my usual superlong Naturing Journal posts. Gotta finish packing for tomorrow. Leaving for the Sierras. You know how it goes.

I do want to make note of things we saw that I didn’t get photos of: a baby Wild Turkey, adult Wild Turkey tracks, a Sulphur butterfly, a Sara Orangetip butterfly, a Pipevine Swallowtail, some Pacific Chorus Frogs (so tiny!!), and a California Kingsnake. Other butterflies we didn’t see up-close enough, too.

We lucked out with a small group. We had a fantastic Naturalist docent to guide us. We saw so many things. And, newtome Diogenes’ Lantern and Yellow Mariposa Lily were highlights. Great day up in wine country not doing anything closely related to wine.

Highly recommended!

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