Golden Gate Park (08/09/2021)

today was likely the last time i’d be able to see the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond at sunset for a bit, so i went! meandered across Whiskey Hill and checked to see if there were any gall wasps where i’ve seen many a good while ago, and there were some tiny pieces of evidence! as i walked past the AIDS Memorial Grove, i spotted A COYOTE crossing Pelosi Dr. from the AMG side to the Lily Pond side. i caught my breath at seeing it, and it HEARD ME and looked at me for a while. it sauntered on and disappeared into shrubbery. i cautiously continued my path to cross the street and make my way up the trail to the GHO spot, hoping i wouldn’t get too close to it. and then, it crossed in front of and ahead of me! like 10 feet?? i kept my distance behind it as it went toward the GHOs. i rounded a corner, and it met up with ANOTHER COYOTE, coming from the CAS side. they both looked at me, way behind them, and slowly went toward the Music Concourse. i still kept my distance, and at the last spot they could turn back to see me, the first coyote did so. and just stared at me for a bit. i was close to aborting my plan to avoid any feeling of threat toward them, and then it trotted off.
: O
so! Junior and Ma Owl were in the Coast Live Oaks. and Pa Owl was in the nest tree, on his spit of a branch. i watched preening and stretching by both Junior and Ma Owl, then Ma Owl HOOTED. which started repeated squawking by Junior, as he kept looking at Ma Owl. i was determined to stay and see at least one of them fly off to start their night. and, as i was watching Ma Owl, she took a couple steps then launched into flight, flying past me about 15 feet away?? it was AMAZING! she flew inbetween two trees toward the Lily Pond. i looked to Junior, exclaiming, “Wow!” but, Junior was GONE. hadn’t heard or seen him go. he must’ve flown off right in front of Ma Owl! he’s getting so good!!

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