Golden Gate Park (08/10/2021)

today i tried to find a Jeffrey Pine reported in GGPark on iNat near the disc golf course. either it’s hiding, or it’s not a Jeffrey Pine. but, i did get to spot and smell a flowering Dally Pine in the area, YUM. then visited Metson Lake, which was uneventful EXCEPT two people playing irish music on a fiddle and an uillean pipe! headed down to Mallard Lake, where the blackberries are going crazy and two Black-crowned Night-Herons were hanging with female Mallards. then i heard and spotted a Belted Kingfisher! only seen one there once before! so exciting. headed my way through The Oasis, which is as blooming and lush as ever. spotted the Red-shouldered Hawk that i’ve seen there before in the same place. had time to walk around Elk Glen Lake, where the Great Blue Heron was catching fish in his favorite corner. also saw a Red-tailed Hawk flying across my path. so much wildlife today! they must’ve been happy to be out and about on an unusually sunny day today.

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