Regional Parks Botanic Garden (08/08/2021)

after crashing in Eastbaysia last night, we took advantage of where we were and made our first visit to the RPBG. and, despite the uninspired name, we fell in love. i think it’s safe to say it’s my favorite botanical garden and will always be. it’s crammed with so many things, and they’re all California Natives! the place looks like it was designed to be a natural garden rather than an obviously curated one. also, Manzanita Heaven? why, yes, it is. we loved every small trail and path and bridge and creek and stone wall and stone steps and butterfly and lizard and dragonfly and even a small mouse we saw brazenly clear the path from his house, eat a berry, and scurry away just below us, and just all of it. just ALL OF IT. so nice to meet new favorite places.

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