Golden Gate Park (08/02/2021)

today i went Naturing! checked on Junior before (there) and after (not there) walking the Oak Woodlands Trail. mostly quiet, as i’d expect this time of year, but some highlights were getting to see flowers and budding fruit for the first time on a Basswood tree (OMG IT SMELLS AMAZING), watching a bunch of Bushtits barely above me in a Coast Live Oak (SO TINY), and coming across a brand new monster mushroom on the beehive stump (SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME). seeing signs of a part of summer ending, with blackberries looking closer and closer to ripe and the emptying of California Flannelbush flowers. mostly, it was so nice to be outside, see my park in sunshine for a change this summer, and soak up that fantastic fresh air. it was so wonderful outside i didn’t want to go home.

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