SF Botanical Garden (08/03/2021)

today i didn’t have at least 2 hours of Naturing time (which is typically my minimum), so i decided to visit the SFBG. won’t get pre-occupied with anything for The Book there, and i’ve been curious what the California Native Garden looks like in the summertime. also, maybe i’d catch a Pipevine Swallowtail? last year, most of my SFBG visits in the summer seemed to be for friend gatherings, so very little Naturing went on then. turns out lots of blooming was happening in the CA Native Garden. AND, i caught sight of a Pipevine Swallowtail! fluttering above the highest tops of a California Buckeye tree, my favorite specific Buckeye tree i’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. i ended up having enough time to do what i call the Greatest Hits (spots, for me). explored some newly made paths near the Redwood Grove, IDed a spooky white mushroom at the Moon Viewing Garden i’d seen before, saw the sign for where the coyotes are, enjoyed watching a Great Blue Heron at the lake, soaked up my favorite less-traveled paths toward the Fragrance Garden, and got to watch Pygmy Nuthatches poking at palm-looking trees at the entrance. so much to see. even in the gray, chilly summer climate on this side of the city.

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