Facebook Post: 2021-05-05T23:10:06

today i braved the rapid fog moving in and visited spots to double-check on things i’ve been keeping my eye on. Whiskey Hill to Alvord Lake to RW Meadow outskirts to AIDS Memorial Grove to Lily Pond to Monarch Bear Grove. while i’m still grappling with some Prunus blossoms, i’m also trying to solve an Elm mystery. i happened upon a super small wedding (6 people total) in the AIDS Memorial Grove. an odd choice for a wedding? of a straight couple? but what do i know? i was more interested in a Pocket Gopher doing some spring cleaning – see video in comments if you’re interested. also happened upon a dead Yellow-faced Bumblebee nestled in a Creeping Buttercup. i’ve come across a handful of creatures that have passed during my Naturing tenure. but i’m always reluctant to share that here. don’t wanna bring anyone down further mid-Pandemic. but i was quite taken with the image of this bumblebee. with every creature i have come across that has been in this state, i have felt moved to take a moment to acknowledge the creature’s passing and think about its existence and where its last place was. for this bumblebee, i appreciated its resting place. a cozy buttercup. and for someone who is terrified of my own mortality, it was surprisingly comforting. also, a Brown Creeper letting me get close enough to it to snap a decent photo was a bright spot to end my day with.

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