Facebook Post: 2020-07-27T19:25:03

my walk today was unfortunately memorable in a pretty sad and jarring way. but i realize some folks may not be up for reading about things that could be traumatic these days. so, i’m going to talk about it in the comments… i’m ok. just a little shook up. as for my regular walk experience, it was pretty uneventful! didn’t see the American Redstarts i went there for. but i did see what i think were all kinds of GALLS, Octodrone Maxilla / Logan Soundhive?? also saw juveniles everywhere. i think i’ve seen all juveniles of the common birds in SF now. highlight or lowlight (not sure yet which) was being stopped and interrogated by a three year old girl on a tricycle with training wheels and mom in tow about what i used my binoculars for and what the lens caps were for. while she was clearly not impressed or satisfied with my response (that they were just to keep the lenses clean), she decided to release me to go about my business anyway.

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