Mariposa Grove (5/7/2023)

Today we went to Mariposa Grove to see the Giant Sequoias!

But, IT’S LATE. While I saw many newtome things, I’ll have to list some highlights and let my photos do the rest.

Highlights were seeing this part of Yosemite, finding fungi (!), SNOW,
learning how to tell all the common trees apart, newtome Miniature Monkeyflower, those GINORMOUS REDWOODS, all the adorable Squirrels and Chipmunks, Snowplant, and seeing White-headed Woodpeckers and Mountain Chickadees after not seeing them since last May when I was in the Sierras for my fungi class.

Writing posts may be tough while here. Not even sure what the wifi situation will be when we get to Yosemite Valley. But we’ll see what I can do!

All in all, Wawona is lovely, and I’m enjoying seeing everything so far. That’s all.

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