Wawona (5/8/2023)

Last Sunday was our last day in Wawona. We visited the Lower Chilnualna Falls Trail and the Swinging Bridge Trail and a bit of the Wawona Meadow Loop Trail before making our way to Yosemite Valley.

Because it was a bit ago, I’ll have to recall the highlights as best I can and let my photos tell my story. As will need to be the case for the rest of my Sierras trip. Makes a big difference when days and adventures go by in remembering all the wonderful details! But, this will have to do. Splitting them up at least by location, as I don’t think one post can handle ALL THE PHOTOS.

Our visits to these trails were lovely! Impressive waterfall! And more Menzies’ Baby Blue Eyes than I’ve ever seen in those meadows leading up to the Swinging Bridge. Butterflies! Including newtome Propertius Duskywing? And MANY delightful Goosefoot Violets! Oh, and first spotting of Black-headed Grosbeaks during the trip. Newtome pretty moth of orange and black, Annaphila decia (?) and newtome Sierra Gooseberry. And last, but not least, Brian spotted a COYOTE walking in the meadow on our way out! We stopped so I could see and take photos, and it reluctantly ended up trotting off in the other direction. Didn’t mean to change its course!!

So, yeah. Wawona. Lots to see there, and I feel like we only saw a bit of it!

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