Black Point Historic Gardens (8/11/2022)

Today was a return to volunteering, after being mostly absent throughout my internship.

It turned out to be a double-volunteer day for me, starting with the Food Bank and ending at Black Point. I’ve missed my volunteer gigs and communities. Catherine even hugged me when she saw me today and said she missed me!

Over at Black Point, so much had changed! My baby California Flannelbush is no longer a baby!! It’s about at chest-height now, I’d say? Even had dried up flowers, so it’s been blooming all summer. I was so proud.

The Clarkia and Yarrow are still going at it along the staircase. And lots of areas look relatively under control, which was kind of shocking. We got to work, clipping back Cat Mint (as Natalie called it), cutting back the invasive blackberry, and pulling random unwanted things like Nightshade and Nasturtium.

And during all of it, the Naturing could NOT BE STOPPED. Got to see many spiders and a newtome insect, the Squash Bug! A Cooper’s Hawk (or Sharp-shinned Hawk?) flew in and rested on a tree branch for us to admire. An American Sand Wasp buzzed over and checked me out for a minute. Great Blue Herons were squawking in the pine tree. Cabbage Whites and Common Checkered-Skippers and a newtome Fiery Skipper (?) fluttered around the North side among us. And Large-flowered Leptosiphon was still happily showing off in shades of white and pink.

It was lovely to be back, to be in that special garden, to hear of Natalie’s future plans, to catch up with some of the regulars, and to help that space for a bit.

On my way out, I surveyed some of my past work areas, as I can’t help but do. And I passed by what was a super tiny succulent I remember ensuring was going to remain when removing weeds and whatnots around it forever ago. Today, I saw a bunch of small white flowers that I hadn’t seen before in that spot. I checked underneath, and it was that same baby succulent, folks! Turns out, it’s a White Stonecrop! So nice to finally know what it is!

Everything is growing. It is all so fantastic. How I’ve missed it.

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