Point Isabel (8/9/2022)

Today I was in Eastbaysia and had some time between two informational interviews and a very essential visit to Spoon for dinner. Turned out that Point Isabel was right inbetween it all, and I’d never been before, so that was where I went Naturing today!

Yeah, so it’s basically a dog park. I was not impressed.

However, things got interesting once I got to the Bay Trail end, where all the juicy marsh was. Getting past the dog fence, I immediately started seeing butterflies! A handful of West Coast Ladies and two Common Checkered-Skippers and one beige thing I’m guessing was a Ringlet. PLUS, a Pallid-winged Grasshopper (?), which gave me a lovely long look at its lovely long face.

Beyond all that was THE MARSH. And there was lots to see out there among the pickleweed and sea lavender. Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, Black-necked Stilts, Willets, Whimbrels, and Greater Yellowlegs!

I was pretty far from them all, so my photos are not great. Though, I kind of enjoy the ones that look like illustrations in a children’s book. I picked my two favorites that look the most like that for my primary photos. What do you think?

After admiring them all, I spotted what looked like an apple tree. And, it WAS an apple tree! In the middle of no other apple or apple-like trees! It was even bearing fruit. BIZARRE. Unfortunately, as I got closer to it to investigate, I unintentionally disturbed a whole flippin’ family of Black-crowned Night-Herons up in a pine tree. They were facing the marsh, so I had no idea they were there when I walked past it. They all flew out in a huff. And one went to hide in the marsh and judged me from there. Fair, I thought.

So, yeah. Thank gawd I went to the marsh side for all the good stuff! Point Isabel, itself? Meh. But now I know what it is after driving by the sign for it on 80 or 580 or wherever that sign is. And knowing is half the battle!

2 thoughts on “Point Isabel (8/9/2022)

  1. We’ve ridden our bikes with you through Pt. Isabel to that marshy part, but you probably didn’t realize that’s where we were!


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