Point Reyes (4/30/2022)

Today was my second to last day for my CalNat course. We explored Limantour Marsh and Beach and the Muddy Hollow Trail.

Another short post. I can’t tell you how tired I am! Ok, I can. I’m so tired that I accidentally deleted all my digital camera photos. FORTUNATELY, there weren’t any great ones. So, no big loss. And, it helps make this a short post!

I actually saw a lot that I’m not bothering to share with photos. Salt Marsh plants aren’t the best photo subjects. But, the marshy area totally reminded me of the marshy area at China Camp. Pickleweed for days, curvy water channels, gum plant. I’m so fond of it.

While we were out there, we saw some pretty cool things that I didn’t get great photos of. A handful of Ospreys, including a fly-over of one carrying a fish and watching one eat a huge fish in a tree! Biggest highlight, though, was seeing a Peregrine Falcon in a bare tree watching over the marshy area!

We walked back on the beach, where we saw a Red-necked Phalarope and Surf Scoters and a Common Loon. Even saw a washed-up jellyfish on the beach! Giant Bell Jelly??

Before we got to the Muddy Hollow Trail, some of us presented our Capstone Projects. Including me! Was great to talk about it and be done with it.

But, Muddy Hollow Trail was another highlight for me. How I love Riparian Habitat! Arroyo Willow and Tule Elk and Northern Harrier and Twinberry Honeysuckle and Goldenrod Crab Spider and maybe a newtome clover (Springbank Clover?) and just delicious shaded loveliness.

Can’t believe there’s only one more class to go.

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