Facebook Post: 2021-04-29T17:15:48

today i treated myself to a Tourist Day. i finally finished up a large backlog of work for The Book, and so i rewarded myself with a visit to Aquatic Park. i’ve never been, and it’s been on my list. it’s not terribly exciting, and most of what interested me was closed off (like the building nearest the start of the pier – what was that?). but right where i parked was a napping Black-crowned Night Heron in a large maple tree. and Western Grebes greeted me as i started my walk to the pier. and i got a fly-by from a Pigeon Guillemot at the end of the pier. and i got an Irish Coffee To-Go from Buena Vista. and i ate an ice cream in a waffle cone in the sun while admiring the old ships. plus, on my way home i stopped by the Bruce Lee Mural in Chinatown that i’ve been wanting to see. so nice to be a tourist with so few people around!

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