Facebook Post: 2021-04-30T20:22:09

today i was determined to nail down research on flippin’ BLOSSOMS. i thought i had a handle on them, BUT, NO. i didn’t. Seek and iNat not being able to determine hybrids/cultivars led me down false paths of confidence. but, i am way better informed now! and, i’m going to finally put a database together for all this INFO!! along with blossom data gathering along Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill, i spent my time bird-watching. checked in on the Great Blue Heron teenagers, and they are SO AWKWARD right now. watched either a Ruby-crowned Kinglet or Hutton’s Vireo grab moss off a tree and fly into a California Buckeye tree, a Downy Woodpecker pecking away, and the darling Canada Goose goslings acting like their parents. and, yet. the best part came after, when Brian met me for happy hour to-go drinks from the Little Shamrock. and we sat on a log overlooking the ballfield, enjoyed our drinks, and talked about serious life stuff. like we’d do at one of our neighborhood bars on a friday after work back in ye olden times. it was almost like that. and, it kept me warm and toasty despite the chilly temps and wind outside.

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