Twin Peaks (4/28/2023)

Today I didn’t go Naturing, but I went to check on something.

Saw another iNat observation of the Great Horned Owlets near Twin Peaks. Had a tiny bit of time. Went to see them!

I didn’t think there were enough trees at Twin Peaks for there to be a GHO pair there, but I guess there’s enough! Pretty easy to see them from the right spot, which I found. Two owlets. And they’re quite big already!

One, the elder (?), was awake and preening. The second was more interested in sleeping. And trying to cuddle/stay close to the first one. Who was not interested. Ah, sibling life!

The Ma Owl was absolutely sleeping. So neat to meet her. Wondering if this is where they typically nest. Don’t recall many iNat observations of them in or near Twin Peaks.

So, I got to see my first GHO owlets of the year! Very exciting. And satisfying to finally deliver some owl photos after so long. I bet Yvonne doesn’t even read these anymore. Well, I’m able to deliver TODAY. Happy Owl Friday, owl fans!

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