Dimond Park (10/13/2022)

Today I did a bit of Naturing in Eastbaysia. Was going to be in Oakland in the evening for the Autumn Lights Festival, so I found a newtome park somewhat nearby to spend my afternoon.

Per AllTrails, I planned to do the Out and Back route of the Bridgeview Trail to Old Cañon. Didn’t quite make the entire thing, as I’d have been late. But I got to the bottom to see Sausal Creek, which was neat to see! Who knew there were creeks in Oakland!

The Northeast end is where I started. And that is where the Monterey Redwoods spot is. Always comforting to be in a redwood forest, even one so small. I quickly crossed over Palo Seco Creek and headed up. Some pink flags were here and there, so there’s some work being done here. TONS of Ivy. What looked like maybe False Solomon’s Seal? Baldhip Rose. Perhaps Artist’s Bracket fungi. A Pacific Wren chirped, came out for a brief second, then disappeared into the Ivy.

Dried-up Ocean Spray was exciting to see, given how little was blooming. And some Nightshade berries. Random Kashmir Balsam?? And many swings and gnomes and odd art pieces. Kinda half-trail and half-gallery.

I did come across some delightful Pink Honeysuckle berries. And one California Bee Plant, with a fly on it. And a couple small Lupine bushes. Other than that, everything was dominated by the Ivy. It was hard to find a California Bay Tree without it creeping up.

Some birds that I briefly saw/heard: Townsend’s Warbler, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Oak Titmouse, and Steller’s Jays. Oh, and Brown Creepers. Hardly was able to see any for long.

Walked down the hillside of switchbacks to the bottom where Sausal Creek emptied into a graffiti-blasted spot. Would’ve been nice to see the Old Cañon Trail, but I knew it’d take me a bit to get back up. I’m so out of Naturing shape!

On my walk back, I really started to notice the damage the Ivy was doing. It started to bum me out. Seeing it just about EVERYWHERE. Until I returned to the Redwoods. They weren’t on or near them. HM! Would be interesting to know why.

The folks I encountered on the trail were either runners (many of them from a local school) or folks walking their dogs. And, I can see it being perfectly fine for that. But I wouldn’t recommend it for Naturing, unless maybe in the Spring?

I started to wonder what would be there if the Ivy hadn’t been introduced there. Maybe a ton more of the bits I’d seen? Maybe more Toyon and California… Oh my gawd. I can’t remember it. WHAT.

[A full ten seconds go by as I try to remember.]

CALIFORNIA BUCKEYE. Geez, sometimes that Brain Librarian is DANG SLOW. Anyhoo, I really wanted to know what that canyon looked like before stuff was introduced. It’s not surprising that, given how much is developed all around it, it’s overgrown with invasive plants. I think I’ll likely stop checking out such places in the future. It’s too depressing.

I did find some comfort in a Redwood fairy ring near the trailhead when I got back to it that I’d missed before. So tall. So strong. So able to withstand the Ivy. So I left with a bit of hope.

2 thoughts on “Dimond Park (10/13/2022)

  1. I would like to imagine your Brain Librarian is a tiny person who looks like you, with hair in a bun, glasses on a little chain, crisp white shirt, and cardigan.


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