Golden Gate Park (9/20/2022)

Is this thing on?

Today I had a precious bit of time in the early evening, so I went straight to see THE OWLS.

So, yeah. It’s been a while! This is the first day since Labor Day that I didn’t have to head to Eastbaysia for theatre whatnots at waytooearly an hour to avoid the worst traffic. So bizarre and so wonderful not to have cross the bay today!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a real Naturing outing. But, while volunteering at Tunnel Tops, I did get to admire all the blooming native plants! Orange Bush Monkeyflower and Common Yarrow and newtome native Blue Grama (no decent pics in focus – dang wind!) and Western Blue-Eyed Grass and Oregon Gumplant and Seaside Daisy and Seaside Woolly Sunflower and Dwarf Checkermallow and Sea Plantain and Sea Thrift and Seaside Buckwheat and California Phacelia and Hummingbird Sage and even some Chamisso Bush Lupine. Nothing in absolute abundance, but it was such a nice treat to see so many familiar faces!

There were also galls on the small Willow trees. AND, I spotted a handful of fungi that were unfortunately too far to observe with just my iPhone camera. AND AND AND, I even saw a Skipper (Umber Skipper?) hanging out! I stupidly only carried my phone with me, and not my digital camera, when I was roaming the park. I won’t make that mistake again.

After that and an informational interview, I was able to make a quick stop at the owl nursery. So, I haven’t been to see my owls in FOREVER. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Last year, Junior left sometime in late September or early October, more like. But, Junior ’22 is different.

There were no owls in the owl nursery. I only saw Pa Owl in his favorite spot. He was watching a Common Raven. Patiently.

But, THEN! I walked down the Slime Mold Lab Trail, and I SAW SLIME MOLD! OMG, it was THRILLING. Looked like good ole Dog Vomit Slime Mold! But, I can’t be positive. REGARDLESS, another sign that wonderful Fall is approaching!

I returned to Pa Owl, who was still sitting still. And appeared to be alone. And, I wasn’t able to see owls in the owl nursery on my way out. So, perhaps Junior has left already? The weather, even though it’s been humid and odd in that way, has felt very Fall-like. Time for some (or most?) juveniles to leave home.

My show ends this Sunday. And, you can be damn sure I’ll be visiting waymoreoften right after that! It’s nice to almost be back…

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