Anthony Chabot Regional Park? (8/7/2022)

Today we visited what I thought was going to be Anthony Chabot Regional Park for the first time. The trail route I chose on AllTrails (Proctor and Ten Hills Loop) indicated it was in ACRP, but when we got there the sign posted said “Lake Chabot Regional Park.” So, I have no idea which one we were in today!

Brian and Juli were with me, and we explored a small loop in the Southeastern bit of those two parks. I always like a small introduction to a new park so I can get a feel for it, but this was not a great choice in the end. Half of it was along the backyards of houses. That same half had a number of mountain bikers on it. And the second half was mostly above a golf course with a pond full of golf balls in it.

That’s what happens when I don’t spend enough time researching trail options, folks!

However, we had a nice bit of Naturing time together. And we saw some neat things. Plus, I saw a confirmed newtome butterfly, the Western Tiger Swallowtail! Yeah, I’ve seen MANY a yellow swallowtail before, but it’s RARE for me to get photos, and so it’s exciting to KNOW this is it! I think. Will trust Seek but verify with iNat…

It’s later than I’d like to get into a full-on Naturing post, so my photos will have to do this time around!

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