The Presidio / CalNat Project (4/24/2022)

Today I went Naturing for my Capstone Project! The purpose of the project was to get a group together (iNat pros and newbies) for some Community Science in The Presidio. We specifically were looking for the Common Ringlet, which I learned from Presidio Trust wildlife department folks is what they’re currently releasing and tracking just above El Polin Spring right now.

We also kept a lookout for the Coastal Green Hairstreak, any other butterflies, the Western Fence Lizard, and the Greater Bee Fly.

My excellent crew of friends participated in about a 2 hour excursion through El Polin Spring, up to the Ecology Trail (lower), then back to complete the El Polin Loop. We saw White-crowned Sparrows, Twinberry Honeysuckle, Anna’s and Allen’s Hummingbirds, Orange Bush Monkeyflower, a Gray Buckeye butterfly, Thimbleberry, TONS of Variable Checkerspots (including two mating!), Western Blue-Eyed Grass, Douglas Irises, hoardes of Bumble Bees, Western Bluebirds, Western Fence Lizards, and…

The Common Ringlet! We saw four total, I believe. MAYBE it was just three. But, we’re contributing valuable data to the Presidio Trust folks! For SCIENCE! AND, we ALSO saw a Coastal Green Hairstreak. Not too shabby!

We also saw Bushtits, a Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Band-tailed Pigeons, California Scrub-Jays, California Lady Beetles, Pineapple-Weed, Osoberry berries, and a Koch’s Wolf Spider (?) with a bajillion babies on its back as it crossed our path!

Super full two hours, I must say. So fun to do this project with a group of fantastic folks up for staring at fields of grass for butterflies. Super grateful for their time and help with my Capstone Project!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, FRIENDS!!!

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