Golden Gate Park (4/1/2022)

Today I got to show off my park to Aoife’s parents visiting from Ireland.

These two are so dear to myself and Brian. We had a delightful time at their home in Ireland for Aoife & Erwin’s wedding. And, we’ve always cherished when we’ve been able to spend time with them. So, it was ohsospecial for them to want to go Naturing with me.

We met at the Japanese Tea Garden and did a stroll along Stow Lake, up over the pretty bridge onto Strawberry Hill, snack break at the Chinese Pavilion, across the ugly bridge, to the Boathouse, along the Pioneer Trail, to the Fairy Door, onto JFK, and into the Music Concourse for a bit of live music before they had to go.

On our route, we stopped to watch the Canada Geese and American Coots and Northern Shovelers and Mallards. No sign of the Ruddy Ducks or Hooded Merganers on the East side of the lake today! We also saw the Great Blue Herons in their nests, and one baby GBH! Fuzzy and awkward, as it should be!

I was so busy enjoying their company and telling them what things were that I didn’t notice a WHOLE LOT of new things. But, Coast Blue Felicia were out, which I haven’t seen at Stow Lake before. A Japanese Snowball shrub was going bonkers. And, what reminded me of a Peach tree was gorgeously flowering at the ugly bridge. But, I got to show them some of my absolute favorite scented flowers that were still blooming! Sagewood and Garden Heliotrope and a single Mexican Mock Orange. No time for Cherry Laurel or Dally Pine or Blueblossom. Another time, I hope.

After they left, it was so clear to me how much I love showing off my backyard. Especially to those so appreciative like these three.

Had a bit of time to check in on Furball, so I headed that way. OF COURSE. On my way up the staircase to Lila’s Hill, I spotted PELLETS on the stairs! TONS of fur. And whatnots. Got up to the spot, and there was no sign of owls. Large or small. Ren told me that Furball was in a different spot when she last saw it, so I wasn’t surprised that I’d have to hunt a little for it.

But, DANG. I could not find it! Was it back in the nest? Was it already so mature it was in a different tree already?? After walking on all sides possible at the top for it, and stopping to admire the Pygmy Nuthatches just five feet in front of me, I went back down the stairs and took a look from the Southwest side where I’ve seen them before. NOPE. Went to the Northwest side where I’ve seen them before. NOPE.

At this point, I was about to give up. Happy Hour was approaching. And, my neck was pretty unhappy. Decided to take one last look from the North side on my way home, thinking “I can’t believe I’m going to give up,” and THERE IT WAS. FURBALL! It was obscured by branches, of course. So, I moved up the hillside a couple steps and looked again. An ADULT GHO! First time seeing one in a while! Think it was Pa Owl, as it was on the smaller side. YAY! It was sleeping. Of course. Looked at my photos of it when I got home, and I think it was sleeping with one eye open!

Now, I had to re-find Furball. Took a bit of positioning, but FOUND IT. It was actually nestled on a branch and even had sunlight on its head. Got some photos, and when I got home the final photo of it looked like it was smiling cutely at me. Truly. More owl pics below for the owl fans.

So, yeah. I almost GAVE UP on finding them. Even though I KNEW that Furball had to still be in that tree. Just goes to show me. Never give up. NEVER SURRENDER!

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