San Bruno Mountain State Park (1/23/2022)

Today we returned to San Bruno Mountain! And, I might be done with it? The only trail left that’s of interest to me is the Eucalyptus Loop Trail. But, it’s only a mile. And, if it’s mostly eucalyptus, meh?

We did the Saddle Trail Loop today, and it was neat to see the top of this side of the mountain. Kinda wish we had gone on Saturday, as it wasn’t nearly as clear today. But, the views, if you’re into such things, are pretty impressive up there.
HOWEVER, I was far more excited to see some flowers here and there instead!

Starting out, we saw a uniquely (to us) dark morph Red-tailed Hawk sitting high up in a euc. Wish I’d been able to get a photo of it before it flew off!

The top of that side of the mountain had bunches of blooming Gorse and cotoneaster berries all over the place. Lesser Goldfinches were grazing in the willows. Yellow-rumped warblers were almost everywhere we saw groups of birds. And, a pair of Northern Flickers were not quietly hanging out near an open field of California Bee Plant.

Field Marigolds brightened up some areas, with just a couple California Poppies close by. A couple ladybugs were spotted but were too shy to be photographed. A calm California Scrub-Jay seemed to oblige me, though.

A Pacific Aster and some Milkmaids were on the east side. And, a couple Pacific Peas were seen.

But, what was super exciting to me were two native flowers in bloom, Footsteps of Spring and California Golden Violet. It’s always such a treat to see newtome native flowers.

So, we now know more about San Bruno Mountain. And, I think I’m done! I’ll be passing on the summit/ridge trails, but Brian is planning to visit them someday. And, it might be really nice to come back in the spring… With a parasol.

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