Golden Gate Park (10/22/2021)

Today I was definitely going to check the owl nursery. And look for mushrooms. And just enjoy being in my park post-rains. Started off in the Monarch Bear Grove, and my gawd it smelled wonderful in there. I spotted something up high in a tree across Pelosi Dr., and a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk (?) was just perched there, admiring its view. It was a nice way to start out.  

And, Junior was in the owl nursery! Saw him briefly on Wednesday, as I stopped in just to see if he was there (after not seeing him there last Friday or Wednesday) before running a bunch of errands. So, I was actually not expecting him as it’s been about 50-50 when he’s there. Planned to go Naturing and end up back there to see him closer to sunset.  

On my way to my default route, I ran into a California Oak Moth pupa (GAH, I just love their designs), a handful of Yellow-rumped Warblers on the owl nursery lawn, and some new-to-me mushrooms in the CAS Botanical Garden, Nitrous Bonnet! That’d make a great drag name, right?  

Ran into some adult California Oak Moths just before crossing the Music Concourse. They must emerge twice a year, I guess? Gotta look that up. At Stow Lake, I saw a Red-tailed Hawk (?) with a mouse-looking prey beneath its feet at the ugly bridge. While admiring it, I heard A HOOT. Just one. Looked in the usual spots there and couldn’t find it and really could not tell where it came from. Figured I’d get a move on to the Pioneer Trail, in case that’s where it was coming from.  

Nope! At least, not in the pine I’ve seen them in many times. Can’t wait for the time to Fall Back so I’ll be super close to sunset time to hear them and see them more. While looking up at that pine, Ren joined up with me. Showed her the pine, what I call Pioneer Trail, and the Fairy Door north of Squirrel Central. Nothing was inside the Fairy Door, so I placed a pine cone inside. Something should always be behind that door.  

We made our way to the owl nursery, and there were TWO GREAT HORNED OWLS IN THE NURSERY! I can’t even remember how long ago it was that I saw two there. I must admit, given how late in the year it is, I have been wondering if what I think is Junior is perhaps Pa Owl…  

But, I REALLY DON’T THINK SO! I know that adult owls are hard to tell apart. Especially if you’re just looking at one. But, I swear they have different looks on their faces. I think Ma Owl and Junior were there. Ma Owl’s size was a dead giveaway. But, Junior. He’s so awake and alert so early. He has funny expressions, honest to gawd. Ma Owl is so composed. And has murderous eyes. Of course, I can’t be CERTAIN CERTAIN. But, it’s what it seems like to me.  

We watched both for a while. And then, Junior flew like THREE FEET OVER MY HEAD and into a eucalyptus toward the Lily Pond. A while later, in her own time, Ma Owl flew over us and to the same eucalyptus. And, THE SIZE OF HER. SHE IS GINORMOUS. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing them fly.  

She was truly taking her time to leave the area, and it was getting colder, and Happy Hour with Brian awaited me. So, Ren and I parted ways after a very satisfying owl visit. Pics below for the owl fans. You tell me who is WHO!

It is always special to see one. And, I truly didn’t think I’d see more than one in the owl nursery again until next spring. An awesome day out, yep.  

I apologize in advance for the frequent owl postings. It’s just that I know Junior will leave soon. And, once that happens, seeing owls will be from much further away. Until next spring. So, yeah. Sorry, not sorry.

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