Yosemite Valley (5/8-11/2023)

Last week we were in Yosemite Valley for four days! Stayed at Housekeeping Camp. Visited a bit of the Valley Loop Trail, Lower Yosemite Falls, Cook’s Meadow, that Sierra Club stone house, Happy Isles (including THE FEN), Mirror Lake (which wasn’t really A Lake), and some random bits around Housekeeping Camp.

Highlights include THAT VIEW from the Tunnel View spot, waterfalls 24/7, Pacific Dogwood EVERYWHERE, newtome Lewis’ Woodpecker, more butterflies, crossing a formidable stream coming down from the Royal Arches waterfall, finding fungi (!), watching friends make s’mores, the peace at The Fen, spotting an American Robin swoop into a nest, time at Ember World, and some aspects of camping, believe it or not!

I don’t think I’d be happiest at Housekeeping Camp for my next visit to The Valley, as the Lodge is more my cup of tea. Camping Time is tough for non-morning folks!! But I enjoyed having friends nearby, to borrow things from and give things to and gather round the campfire with in the evenings. And it was nice to see more of The Valley and even see it in a bit of a flood state in some of the meadows.

Turns out our timing was PURE LUCK, given the closure before and after we were there. But it’d be neat to go back someday and see it with blooms on the many plants I saw that had them coming. Something to look forward to next time.

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