Lands End (1/19/2023)

Today I visited Lands End, as part of another Naturing outing with Aoife and her folks visiting from Ireland.

It’s been a while! You mostly go for the views (which is why I’m rarely there), but I managed to find little treasures here and there. And I was even able to answer the handful of questions I was asked! Got to show and tell the difference between Monterey Cypress and Monterey Pine. Allowed them to see me shriek with glee at finding any and all fungi. And, I saw a handful of things I haven’t seen there before.

First thing I saw were a couple Bumblebees followed by a Red-tailed Hawk soaring above us. Saw a number of soaring raptors earlier in the day, somewhere above The Presidio. Must be good thermals today!

Arroyo Willow catkins are starting to come out. Spotted a baby Bluff Lettuce (perhaps?) enjoying the sunshine. Blewits and Yellow Fieldcaps and Hairy Curtain Crust were nice to see. But I was surprised and delighted to have randomly found a Banana Slug appearing to be napping under some fern fronds. I looked down briefly to notice the ferns, and there was the yellow slug shape below! It was one of three total I saw at Lands End. And I believe the only other time I’ve seen one in the area was on that side trail. Maybe the East end of the El Camino Del Mar Trail? So it was quite exciting to see them in easiertosee spots.

We heard White-crowned Sparrows and Chestnut-backed Chickadees. I caught brief sightings of a Hermit Thrush and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. And we were fortunate to have been able to see the White-crowned Sparrows foraging on the ground on our way out. So nice for them to show themselves to my guests!

Turned out, weather-wise, to be a lovely day to be near the ocean. And it was neat to re-visit a place I haven’t been too often. And see new things. And share it with others. Yep.

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