Golden Gate Park (11/23/2022)

Today I returned to pretty much the same spots as yesterday. Every time I do that, I end up appreciating the different things I see from the day before. And today was no exception.

But, IT’S LATE. So, just noting some things worth noting.

Lots more of those Pungent Slippery Jacks where I saw them before! Chocolate Arion not in same spot as yesterday. Orange-crowned Warbler still there. Townsend’s Warbler was doing the same thing (eating insects from underneath leaves?) as the Orange-crowned Warbler was doing. Got better photos of the blue-purple mystery flowers from yesterday but still can’t ID them! Larkspur? Saw THREE Townsend’s Warblers all near each other, which is A RECORD.

And, last but not least. Pa Owl was in the owl nursery today. He no longer has the cold. Hooting just fine. No sight or sound from Ma Owl. Got to watch Pa Owl cough up a pellet! Waited til sunsetish, and he flew East into a low branch on a Coast Live Oak. Followed him to see where he’d go next. Squirrels making noises behind me made me look RIGHT AT ME. Flew North and continued hooting. And with the supercrazyfast fog rolling in, it was time to head home. More owl photos below for the owl fans.

It is so puzzling to me why they’re sometimes in the owl nursery and sometimes not. Why they don’t hoot one night but hoot another. And where was Ma Owl tonight? So many questions.

So glad I got to see at least one before the holiday weekend. Won’t be able to see them again until next week! Looking forward to seeing them again, like I always do. Maybe you, too?

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