Marin County (11/21/2022)

Today was my OFFICIAL monthly day trip day. And given that the Fall Color Map ( jumped from “Patchy” to “Peak” in like A DAY, I decided today would be the day to chase those fall colors up North. And, a mandatory stop at Wild Flour. OF COURSE.

So, this post is not so much a Naturing post, as I didn’t end up on any trail (like I had planned). But, while driving around Marin (mostly) today, and stopping a couple times, I learned some things. The most important thing I learned is that most of the Fall Colors we get in the North Bay and South Bay are from non-native trees.

Yep, I noted this on my drive down to and up from Rancho San Vicente in San Jose this past Saturday. It appeared that the GORGEOUS fall-colored trees were Chinese Pistache, from what I could tell. Would be good to go through Mountain View and Palo Alto and find out what those trees are, too.

But up in Marin, it looks like it’s mostly Pear (Common / Callery?) and American Sweetgum. And some random Japanese Maples. And another Maple I never got close to, perhaps. But the beautiful yellow leaves along Sir Francis Drake (and likely along Bohemian Highway, as well?) appear to be Hazelnut. Beaked Hazelnut? At least, that’s what Seek thought at Samuel P. Taylor.

I mean, it’s all glorious eye candy. So I’m not complaining. But I didn’t really know until today that so much of local Fall Color is courtesy of introduced trees. This isn’t even counting others, like in SF where there are also Cherry-plum and Ginkgo to add. And who knows what else I haven’t looked at up-close yet.

Oh! I did forget a native tree that has Fall Colors and was in so many places today. Willow. Arroyo Willow, maybe? So, no. Not ALL Fall Colors are from non-native trees. But the far more brilliant colors seem to be.

But how I love a road trip through Marin / Sonoma this time of year. Not too hot. Fall Colors. It’s all good stuff.

Also saw a number of raptors! Mostly perched. Red-shouldered Hawks and Red-tailed Hawks and Turkey Vultures and a Peregrine (I swear) and even an Osprey who was working on a meal along Tomales Bay!

So, yeah. Hardly any photos. But some things worth noting. For me, if not for you!

2 thoughts on “Marin County (11/21/2022)

  1. Oh dang. In my neck of the woods …. ! And yes I can’t wait to walk and see what you see. Glorious days here in Marin. Best colors. And we have a red shouldered hawk in our redwood every morning !

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