Pillar Point (11/8/2022)

Today I went to Pillar Point to participate in a Pillar Point Sunset Survey, courtesy of CAS’ Center for Biodiversity and Community Science. Thanks to Logan (thanks, Logan!!), I found out about the event and was able to make it!

It’s late. And I don’t really have a journey to write about, exactly. Just constantly hunting for worthwhile things to observe for iNat. But I’ll say this. I enjoyed seeing a whopping FOUR Banana Slugs near Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, as I had a little time to kill before the survey started. That was EXCITING. And perhaps a sign I’d see more slugs soon…

Super fun to return to Pillar Point again. My Nudibranch Fu is pretty weak, so most of them were pointed out to me. But I did find a couple on my own! Next time, maybe my rainboots. And a flashlight, if there after sunset.

So, I’ll just let my photos tell the story for today.

Since my crap photos are crap, I recommend checking out waybetterphotos posted on the iNat Project site for this work.

I kinda felt bad about posting such poor quality photos of what I saw today. But, I’d like to document them. For myself. So that when I get better at it, I can look back and see how far I’ve come. Yeah.

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