Marin Headlands (8/2/2022)

Today I got to spend the afternoon of my internship day at the Marin Headlands Nursery. But, most importantly, I held a small frog in my hand for the first time EVER.

Recently, we had an intern workshop on the GGNRA Nurseries (of which, there are three). And as part of that, we were invited to spend some time at the Marin Headlands Nursery for an afternoon. I’d never been and had been so curious to see it!

It’s a lovely nursery with a view of Rodeo Lagoon.

After prepping for ticklandia (thank gawd I was wearing my bug repellant hiking pants!!), we ventured out to an off trail spot near the picnic tables at Rodeo Lagoon for seed collecting. Our duo was on task to collect seeds from dried up Sneezeweed (aka Rosilla). I’d just seen this plant for the first time at Quartermaster Reach Marsh, so it was fantastic to seed collect for it!

Myself and Sole wandered through grasses almost as tall as us and collected what we could find. Numerous moths and some butterflies kept us company, along with the other two duos and volunteers and folks that run the nursery. Got a decent collection! Though, I’m betting in a month from now it will be a seed bonanza out there.

Got back to the nursery and got a tour by the nursery interns. In the final greenhouse, someone spotted a frog hiding among the baby Pink Honeysuckle! We all collaborated to find it, and I was the first one to capture it. And I held it in my hand. And OMG. I was so charmed by it!! We took photos, some others held it, and we took it outside to where we knew water was. And now I can say I’ve held a frog in my hands. AMAZING.

Looks like it’s a Sierran Tree Frog, to boot! I feel quite proud that I resisted taking it home with me. The thought did cross my mind.

After the tour, we did some transplanting. I’d done this before at my visit to the Presidio Nursery, and this time it was Goldfield. We each finished one small crate, and then it was time to clean up. Spotted a Crescent-looking butterfly nearby and got lucky that it landed in a visible spot for me. Mylitta Crescent!

All in all, a lovely visit/work day at the nursery with good folks. But, I HELD A FROG IN MY HANDS, PEOPLE, AND I SHALL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!

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