The Presidio (7/27/2022)

Today I didn’t go Naturing. But I enabled others to go Naturing as part of my BIG INTERN PROJECT!

I created a program where participants chose from three different kinds of Naturalist walks: Shorebirds/Seabirds and Marsh Plants, Community Science, and an Introduction to the Natural World of El Polin Spring. It was based off a similar model done by the Audubon Canyon Ranch folks, who had the same approach to a Naturalist Walk in the Bouverie Preserve that we took a while back.

I thought it was genius to cater walks to what folks were most interested in. And, it worked well today, I think! Feeling good about the whole thing.

So, yeah. These are the only photos I took, and it was while we were waiting for participants to arrive. A Botta’s Pocket Gopher popped in and out of its hole while I stood about four feet away. It did not care. Kept popping out to grab a small piece of twig or wood. And, I took this as a sign. That perhaps the dang Great Horned Owls would show up for me at the end of my walk so I could show people and talk about them!

Alas, there wasn’t time. So, instead of GHOs as my mascot today, I got this gopher. Turns out that worked out just fine.

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