Golden Gate Park (6/28/2022)

Today I wanted to see the owls and didn’t have much time. Had to get to an afternoon Staff Preview of the Presidio Tunnel Tops event, so I had a targeted day!

First stop was my Great Horned Owls. Got to the owl nursery (after being delighted at seeing a yellow Swallowtail butterfly fluttering amongst the oaks alongside the California Oak Moths), and there were Ma Owl and Junior on the same branch close to each other. Ma Owl was trying to sleep, but with bright sunlight on her. Don’t know how she does it. Junior was preening away.

While looking up at them, I noticed a newtome fungi of some kind on the Coast Live Oak branch. Neat! Submitted it to iNat a bit ago, and trusty Alan came back with “Order Corticiales.” So, that must be what it is.

Watched for a bit, and someone came up the trail to stop and watch, too. Then Junior did something odd. She tentatively walked down the branch, looked focused on something, flew-hopped onto the branch just below, used her beak to help her walk up a few steps, then turned around, and laid down on her belly on a branch.

It was hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing at her. Her wings were drooping long on both sides of the branch. She looked comfortable! Then she started preening again. And gave me judging looks for judging her. Which was fair.

I did a short loop down the Slime Mold Lab Trail and back up the path next to it, noting nothing of interest. Came back to say goodbye to the owls, and Junior had gone back up next to Ma Owl. It’s one of my favorite things to watch. When an owlet is almost right next to its Ma Owl, and it is preening away. But, it’s practically adult-sized, so its preening will often touch its Ma Owl. Who is trying to sleep. And, Ma Owl is not pleased but is not going to do much about it. Lovelovelove watching it. Each and every time I get to.

Right about then, two people walked up to me, having seen me looking up at the owls. They asked if I had seen them, and I pointed them out. And, we had a nice chat about them. The lady’s husband had said he’d seen them there before. I told them ALL ABOUT THE OWLS. They thought I was an expert! Guess I am? On these, at least? Anyhoo, it was nice. Telling interested folks about my owls. Never tire of it.

I moved on to The Presidio. Stopped to see if I could get anywhere close to where a Sierran Tree Frog was spotted recently by that Wildlife Ecologist I know at the Presidio Trust. NOPE. But, I now know a spot where water is that I didn’t know about. There are more and more of these places in The Presidio I am finding. And, that is awesome.

I had justenoughtime to stop and see the GHOs of the Barnard Avenue owl nursery. Only found three. And they were WAY HIGH UP. Guess that’s where to look for them now! It was tough to tell who was who, but I THINK I was looking at two owlets and one parent… Didn’t get any decent photos, so there are none to share.

Owl-filled day. Which means a good day.

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