The Presidio (6/17/2022)

Today I left early enough before my internship day to see about some frogs.

So, Juli and I have been planning a Frog Quest. We had some ideas for locations and time of day. I then realized a couple days ago that I knew the Wildlife Ecologist at the Presidio Trust. And, since I knew there were frogs at El Polin Spring and at Mountain Lake Park, I figured he’d be a super good person to ask about them!

He got back to me and pointed me to a tiny spit of restoration habitat for the Sierran Tree Frog and for the San Francisco Forktail Damselfly. This spot happened to be across from Crissy Field. Which HAPPENED to be where I was starting my internship day today.

So, I went to check out the spot! There were a couple signs explaining the Species Reintroduction Project. A low fence. And some vegetation where water was! I had no idea there was naturally flowing water there!!

I took a step toward the fence, and MOVEMENT! And, A FROG!!!

It was about the size of a caramel turtle. I’m really not sure what other size comparison I can think of. Actually, just shy of that size. TINY! I whipped out my digital camera, and by the time I looked in it, the frog was gone. Took a step to my right, and MOVEMENT! But, I couldn’t see a frog. They are shy!

I walked all along the fifteen feet wide site, looking around. Came back for one last look, and there was a frog! Just crawled up into view on a leaf. Posed for me. And, then I left it alone.

I can’t believe I finally SAW a frog in SF! Rather than just hearing it. I thought it’d never happen! Turns out having fantastic wildlife intel is a really great thing. Trust me on this.

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