The Presidio (6/15/2022)

Today I snuck in some Naturing after I attended my first orientation for volunteering at the Presidio Tunnel Tops.

Yah, because I don’t have enough going on, I signed up to volunteer once a month at the Presidio Tunnel Tops. Once it opens on July 17. Weed-pulling is great and all, but I was looking for a different kind of volunteer experience in parks. And this one is public-facing. We’ll see how it goes!

Attended my first of three orientations for it today. Got a presentation and a tour. It’s a nice space! I’ve been curious about it ever since they started promoting its opening. There’s a Field Station! It’s so great! All kinds of info on the flora and fauna in The Presidio, including a taxidermied (sp?) Coyote – the former alpha female of the couple that was recently ousted by a younger pair in The Presidio. She was later found hit by a car in Pacifica, and now she’s on display at the Field Station.

There’s lots of native plants everywhere, mostly near the Outpost Play Area and the Field Station. And, succulents and other drought-tolerant plants are up near the Visitor’s Center. Once all the native flowers are up and out, it’ll be fantastic. Can’t wait. Oh, and if you like views, you’ll like this place.

Afterward, I figured I’d make a quick stop to check in on the owlets in the Barnard Owl Nursery. Not a one was in the nest tree. Hm! Last year, we saw the two owlets the pair had then further East so I thought I’d take a look over there.

Now, even I amaze myself. Found one owlet in a similar nest-looking spot, and that was pretty easy. But, I kept walking and scanning, and I surprised myself at finding the Ma Owl. She was higher up and in shade and looking down on the owlet. Kept walking and scanning. Pa Owl! Dozing, of course. Low and in the shade. Again, how’d I see him?? Kept walking and scanning, and there was another owlet in the nook of a euc near Pa Owl. This one looked bigger than the first one spotted. And, it was more active, luckily for me! Owl pics below for the owl fans.

While scanning for owls, I saw a huge wasp nest mummy head! Yellowjackets, perhaps? Will see what iNat says…

Never found the third owlet, but I saw an iNat observation of an owlet a short bit away from Barnard Ave. So, perhaps it’s ventured over there on its own? Or, I simply didn’t find it. That particular owl nursery is tough! So many eucs.

So, yeah! You’ll see posts from time to time about my adventures when volunteering at the Tunnel Tops. As always, hoping to squeeze in Naturing whenever possible before/during/after. And, at least two of the Barnard Owlets are doing just fine. That is all.

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