Ring Mountain (5/29/2022)

Today we ventured to Ring Mountain so Brian could finally see Ring Mountain and so I could see the Tiburon Mariposa Lily.

Last year I visited Ring Mountain for the first time but was too late to see the TML. I saw a shriveled, dried up one, and that was it. I’ve been seeing the iNat observations of it in recent weeks and have been so anxious to return to see them in their full glory. And, today was THAT DAY. I waited a whole year for this!

Saw some newtome flora (in addition to the TML), a newtome butterfly (Great Basin Wood-Nymph, I think?), lots of butterflies in general (have I mentioned that I love how I now know they all have such unique faces and look like they’re drinking milkshakes when they’re nectaring?), and a handful of pretty birds. And, once again, the familiar Spring color combo of yellow and purple was pervasive here, too.

It’s late. I’ve got lots of photos. It’ll have to do.

But, now is a GREAT TIME to go see that lovely Tiburon Mariposa Lily, just fyi.

2 thoughts on “Ring Mountain (5/29/2022)

  1. Love this! My Dad and his Corte Madera doctor pal, Bob West both amateur naturalists often spoke of the specifics of Ring Mt’s flora. The Calochortus was apparently found my Dr West!!!! Yeee you were so close to me…


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