Golden Gate Park (5/30/2022)

Today I managed to squeeze in one hour outside between things to check in on my owls. And, I’m reminded how even one hour can be filled with A LOT.

Started in the Monarch Bear Grove and noticed the Ironwood trees are blooming. Seems so early. And, noticed a pretty arrangement of white and pink Common Yarrow blooming by the CAS. Oh, and Red-berried Elder is fruiting, too!

As I approached the owl nursery, I saw a sign indicating an “Active Coyote Den” was in the area. Exciting! That Coyote couple must have kits!! I really don’t know what I’ll do if I see one. I just DON’T EVEN KNOW.

At the owl nursery, there was Junior with Ma Owl next to her. Both were preening away. Watched for a bit, which indicated to two Japanese-speaking women behind me to notice. Which they seemed to appreciate!

Since all was well so soon, I ventured on to the Lily Pond for a quick peek. Tree Swallows were all overhead. A Hummingbird fight happened in front of me, causing an EXTREMELY CLOSE FLY-BY right past my ear!! A Cabbage White butterfly posed for me, which is RARE. The Great Blue Heron of the Lily Pond was back! New Zealand Flax was blooming. And, a Red-shouldered Hawk was cry-cry-crying somewhere past the blooming Bear’s Breeches.

Returned to the owl nursery for one last look before heading out. And, they’d moved! All three were in the euc at the corner. Pa Owl was sleepily on the twig branch. He sure does love his twig branches. Junior and Ma Owl were side by side again. Preening. Then looking at me. Then looking at the Ravens they heard in the near distance. Then back to sleeping and watching. So, all was well. So nice to know things haven’t changed too much since I’ve been gone. Couple more owl pics below for the owl fans.

On my way back, I got to watch an Anna’s Hummingbird feeding on some Brown Sage right in front of me. Haven’t seen that before!

So, yeah. Just an hour out Naturing, and it was a very full hour. It can happen in that short a time, folks!

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