Golden Gate Park (5/6/2022)

Today I had AN AGENDA. I planned to check in on all three Great Horned Owl families of GGPark.

I have to make this quick and get to bed (super early start time for my final CalNat class tomorrow at Point Reyes!). So, no time for more owl pics on FB, owl fans.

1. Found one adult GHO at the Bison Paddock. That’s it! Really want to know the story on this pair…

2. Found one adult GHO on Strawberry Hill and A FLIPPIN’ OWLET WITH IT!! This was absolutely the highlight of my day. Wasn’t sure this pair was successful this year (as I don’t believe they were last year). But, saw it! Super crap photos but definitively saw a FURBALL UP THERE!

3. Found the entire GHO family in the Secret Gardens, up in the fakenesttree from last year. Pa Owl was on his spitofastick. It’s like his comfy recliner chair spot, I feel. Junior and Ma Owl were about twenty (?) feet above, right next to each other. It was chilly out! That image of them reminded me that Mother’s Day is coming up soon. And, what a comfort it is to be able to snuggle with your mom. Wish I could tell you more, but NO TIME.

This is the only day I’ve ever seen all three GHO families in one day, woo!

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