Tilden Regional Park (1/15/2022)

Today I Natured in a new place with friends! On Logan’s recommendation, we Natured along Wildcat Creek.

For those who wish my posts were shorter, like in olden times, you get your wish today.

This is my third time Naturing in Tilden, and I had another delightful time! It is still mushroom heaven right now, and the five of us spotted A TON. Highlights include being the first to spot a mushroom, THE MUDDY TERRAIN, hearing Ruby-crowned Kinglets throughout, seeing a newtome native flora (Yerba Buena), hearing then seeing Cedar Waxwings, seeing a FLIPPIN’ FOX dart into bushes (I swear, it really was a fox!), hearing a newtome bird sound that I was able to record so I can enlist Bob and Juli to help ID later), admiring Dusky Woodrat homes (even IN TREES!), recognizing a lot of the mushrooms we saw, seeing the bay and Mt. Tam near Inspiration Point, listening to the eucalyptus trees creak to each other, hearing Great Horned Owls (a pair!), seeing the BAT CAVES, the sounds of the rushing creek, stopping to appreciate the beautiful light just after sunset, watching the mystical moon rising, and being to share it all with friends who didn’t mind that I was always lagging behind to observe something. The jaw-dropping sunset I stopped to drink in after I left Tilden was the frickin’ cherry on top of it all.

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