Black Point Historic Gardens (1/6/2022)

Today I volunteered again at Black Point. And, I feel like I saw enough to warrant a Naturing post about it.

Was able to get there a little earlier than my start time, so I checked up on some of the things I’ve planted there. So far, so good! Even the California Flannelbush has a couple blooms about to open…

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was the first bird to greet me. It was followed by California Scrub-Jays, an American Robin (who believed the tree they were all in at one point or another to be its domain), another (or the same?) Ruby-crowned Kinglet (that I got to see the tip top of ruby crown on!), a Townsend’s Warbler, and a bunch of Golden-crowned Sparrows. Oh, and that hummingbird (that I think is always there) made sure to keep us away from ITS domain.

Mushrooms spotted were Red Edge Brittlestems, Banded Mottlegill (? Or maybe Red Edge Brittlestem? Love when there’s a little mushroom peeking out from below!), Scurfy Twiglets, and Layered Cups.

But, the super exciting find was my first sighting of a California Slender Salamander!! We were planting California Fuchsia, and the volunteer leader (Natalie, whom I’m informational interviewing on Monday) found a handful while digging into the earth to make spots for the fuchsia. SO TINY. SO SLENDER. So scared at first when I held it, but then it slowly moved and waggled its way across my gloved palm. And, I WAS IN LOVE.

So, yeah. I fell in love with a salamander today.

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