Salt Point State Park (1/1/2022)

Saturday we visited a nearby park to where we were staying for the weekend in Sea Ranch. We were incredibly lucky to have had clear days while we were there to explore the area!

The plan was to do the Stump Beach and Bluff Trail. But, a fallen tree intersected the trail and kept us from continuing on. But, during our short walk up and along it, we enjoyed views of the gorgeous ocean and mushrooms (Fragrant Funnel, Veiled Polypore, The Prince, and some newtome mushrooms, Scaly Rustgill, Orange Peel Fungus, and Surprise Webcap (?) !) and a couple flowers (newtome Hookedspur Violet and Hairy Hawkbit, plus Pacific Pea, Evergreen Huckleberry, and Seaside Daisy) and watched a Hairy Woodpecker above us at one point.

The special thing about this location was the marine elements, though. With the low tides, we were able to explore the caves a little and admire the Black Tegula, Scouler’s Surfgrass, Giant Green Anemone, California Mussel, and Woody Chiton! I must admit, upon seeing the Woody Chiton embedded in the rock I thought I had discovered an ancient fossil of a bajillions old creature. But, nope. They are still amazing-looking, though!

All in all, it was a nice change-up of Naturing environment for me. Nice way to start the new year with something new!

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