Black Point Historic Gardens (12/9/2021)

Today I returned to Black Point Historic Gardens for another volunteer day. And, it was great to be out there again!

Now, it wasn’t quite Naturing. I didn’t even have time after like last time to wander and observe a bit. The sun had already gone down, and it was getting colder. If I’m to spend a bit more time there, I’m going to have to get there early.

But, the place looks better than last time I was there! The rains since have greened it up more. And, there were new birds and mushrooms there since last time. When I got there, a Song Sparrow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and California Scrub-Jay were all hanging out in a barren tree near me. Welcome Party!

We got to work right-quick, pulling Garden Nasturtium and African Flag and Himalayan Blackberry. After that, we got to plant stuff! Russian Sage and Bee’s Bliss Sage. It’s on the slope at the north end. I stupidly didn’t take before and after photos. I have to be better about that. Looking forward to seeing how mine are doing next time.

It was a small crew this day, and all of us worked in the same area this time. Most of the time, people were chatting and sharing, and it was quite nice. Though, I’m learning that I’m not very good at chatting while working at this kinda thing at the same time. Not much experience with it, I guess? I’d spend hours at The Land working on trails all by myself, so yeah. Not great at that kind of multi-tasking yet.

And, is there such a thing as gardener work gloves that keep you from getting blisters? So far, the ones I have and the ones they provide (both the same kind) have not done a good job with that for me! Or, am I just doing it wrong…

Oh, and an Anna’s Hummingbird sat quietly at the end of a long and thin blackberry branch super close to us, watching our progress. Once I noted it to everyone, it started chattering away, of course.

We made decent progress by the end of the day. And, on the walk back I got to quickly note a handful of mushrooms that weren’t there last time, like Stubble Rosegill (different place), Yellow Fieldcaps (different place), Rufous Milkcap (?), and Scarlet Waxy Cap villages (?? definitely new there since last time!).

Planning to be back next Thursday. And, hoping to get there a wee bit earlier to note more changes…

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