Quartermaster Reach Marsh (10/30/2021)

Today I didn’t go Naturing, but I spent three hours in it making it better! My second time volunteering with Habitat Stewards for The Presidio Trust.

Same place as last time, but this time in addition to pulling invasive weeds I got to PLANT STUFF. I don’t do such things, but today I did! Planted like 5 Coyote Brush. Incredibly satisfying, especially seeing the little babies sprouting that were planted last year.

Got to enjoy far more birds as companions this time. In addition to the Snowy Egret from last time, there was a Great Egret, about five Double-crested Cormorants, an American Coot, three Mallards, and something like a dozen or more Sandpipers (Western?) and Killdeer. I really need to bring my binoculars next time.

Not only did it just feel good to volunteer and make a park look good, but I got to chat with that Presidio Trust guy I met with before. He just happened to be working that day! How crazy convenient to run into him today when I’ve been planning to touch base with him again soon. Will be doing that next week…

Can’t wait to return to check on my Coyote Brush babies!

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