Golden Gate Park (09/30/2021)

today i had thought i might spend my Naturing time at Lake Chabot, where i had an informational interview with a super cool Park Ranger named Kim that Molli Amara Simon intro’d me to (THANKS BUNCHES, MOLLI!!!). but the mid-80s temps turned me back around to SF right-quick. another cooler day, Lake Chabot! decided to finally go to a different part of the park today, so i ventured to Chain of Lakes and visited the COL Garden, North Lake, and Middle Lake. not much happening in the Garden, as expected. though, bees and yellow jackets and flies were enjoying blooming California Bee Plant. so rare to actually see that! not a whole lot to report on North Lake, but there were SEVEN Black-crowned Night-Herons! including one juvenile. never seen so many there before! saw a Double-crested Cormorant awkwardly high up in a tree on a tiny branch. its webbed feet barely held it there, as it stretched out its wings to dry. there are so many Halloweeny webs out there. they’re definitely ahead of decorating compared to the rest of the city right now. spotted a Downy Woodpecker and actually feel confident in that ID! confirmed a Peach tree at the northwest corner, as i had suspected! and, got to see a couple Steller’s Jays in pure golden sunlight for a change. i can’t believe how gorgeously blue they are. even got to see a juvenile begging to be fed, which was a treat. walked around Middle Lake, and not much was going on there. i always look for that coyote in the lake bed that we saw there last summer. and it’s never been there since. had a tiny bit of time before i had to be home, so i stopped by the owl nursery. walked up the east path from Pelosi Dr., and there was a male Great Horned Owl in a newtome spot! on a small broken branch stump on a eucalyptus tree opposite the owl nursery. might’ve even been there yesterday when Ren and i were there. thought it was Junior, as the parents rarely seem to be so close to frequently used trails. but, it was staring intently across the way and down. it didn’t even notice me below it. i walked down the trail to try and see what it was that had its attention. and, a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was there! sitting low in the Coast Live Oaks with its back to the owl. it appeared to be focused on the meadow below it. i kept watching Junior, wondering if he was planning an attack. i walked around to see the hawk better, and it seemed so oblivious. helpless. with no idea what was possibly going to happen after sunset. i am very partial to both Red-tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls. and, as i reviewed my photos of both when i got home, i couldn’t help but feel for this youngster. even though i know every creature has to eat. photos in the comments for those interested.

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