Quartermaster Reach Marsh (09/25/2021)

today i volunteered in The Presidio! i was part of the weekly saturday Habitat Stewards crew. so, we pulled invasive weeds! it was great to see the other side of Quartermaster Reach. saw newtomeflora (that’s often submerged at high tide?) and a Red-tailed Hawk and Belted Kingfisher flyover. and, a not-shy Snowy Egret kept us company most of the time. it didn’t mind us much, being somewhat close to it as we weeded the heck out of the place. made me think maybe it appreciated our work. one of the Presidio Trust staff told me that after a short time of working on restoring the area a number of birds that hadn’t been there before were visiting with regularity. that essentially it doesn’t take long to get them back if the habitat is friendly. made me wonder if a lot of birders volunteer their time to help restoring habitat birds like. if not, they should. this Snowy Egret seemed very happy with the results!

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