Golden Gate Park (09/23/2021)

today i returned to the Pioneer Trail to see if i could spot the Clay-colored Sparrow again. of course, i didn’t. but i had a couple surprises before and after. before, i got to watch like a dozen Western Tanagers going to town on Pacific Yew berries, along with a dozen American Robins. oh, and a Hermit Thrush was in there, too! they were all eating like there was no tomorrow. as for the Pioneer Trail, it was bizarre how quiet it was compared to yesterday, as it was so much sunnier and warmer than yesterday. the same (?) Townsend’s Warblers were there. and the same (?) Western Wood-Pewee. and i got to nosh on some very ripe blackberries. and, after, i happened to catch sight of a Spotted Tussock Moth caterpillar! i’ve only ever seen one once before. i hadn’t planned on spending all my Naturing time in one place. and in a place i was just at yesterday. but, i found that it was nice to do so. even without seeing what i was looking for.

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