SF Botanical Garden (09/15/2021)

today i had orientation at the SFBG, so i decided i might as well do my Naturing there before! yep, i’ll be volunteering for Flower Piano this coming sunday afternoon! got my t-shirt and everything. we’ll be there from 1pm, and i’ll be a Greeter from 3-6pm. maybe i’ll see you there? back to Naturing…. it was mostly birding and looking for a cork tree. found it, Yvonne Ellefson and Molli Amara Simon! took a while, as that place is a frickin’ labyrinth. but found the Cork Oak tree in the Southeast Asian Cloud Forest. see comments for pics! wasn’t able to find the Canada Warbler reported near the Zellerbach Garden, but i got great looks at a Pacific-slope Flycatcher. likely the best views i’ve ever seen. and a pretty Townsend’s Warbler was hanging out in the same pine tree, along with Chestnut-backed Chickadees and Pygmy Nuthatches and Dark-eyed Juncos. seemed like every bird was in that massive tree near the Redwood Grove!

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